Tuesday, July 30, 2013

For TV Host Consideration: Me

Casting on-camera talent?  Then this blog piece is for you!  It's also for network producers who may have wondered "Has Bobby Rivers ever done entertainment news features on TV?"  (Back in 2006 or so, a CNN producer asked me if I'd ever done entertainment interviews on news programs.)  I'll start with a short reel that shows me as a national and local TV host, then acting in a national TV commercial, an episode of The Sopranos and playing a news pundit character for The Onion.

After that reel, you'll see me up close and in contact with Tom Hanks....

...Denzel Washington...


....Paul McCartney...

....and Hollywood screen legend Kirk Douglas, to name a few.

Here's my short TV host/actor reel:

I love doing interviews.  This short reel has clips from my VH1 talk show plus local New York City morning news shows and prime time cable entertainment programs.

Here's another clip from my VH1 special with Paul McCartney.  He tells me about the classic movie role that got away.

Finally...more TV hosting, I award a contest prize and I meet real people on live TV.

I am available for auditions and work.  If you're interested in me, go here:

johnstonagency.com .  Contact Deb Chasen at the Johnston Agency.  Thank you.

For more current video plus a taste of my film knowledge, scroll down to my blog post from earlier this month.  It's "Reel Talk on Our TV Pilot."


  1. Thanks for posting these videos, Bobby. I had already seen the first video clip you posted, but not the other ones. You and Tom Hanks look like you guys go back a long way together. During his early years, Tom actually spent a few years in my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio studying theater at the Great Lakes Theatre Festival. I have never met him but I would be flabergasted if I did. I would ask him about the years he spent here in Cleveland and his experiences both on the stage and in his personal life. He actually came back here a few years ago to pay tribute to the Great Lakes Theatre Festival, which had a lot to do with the development of his career. The tickets for the event(which included a performance on stage by him and dinner with him afterwards)sold out so damn fast that I could not attend. I was real bummed. He clearly has never forgotten his roots. He seems like a real down-to-earth gentleman. By the way, anyone looking to hire a TV talk show host would be making a mistake if he or she passed on you. You are very knowledgeable about film, TV, and the whole entertainment industry in general, you ask smart questions, you seem to put the interviewee at ease, and most importantly, you make it seem effortless and a lot of fun. As always, I wish you the best of luck in finding work. Cheers!

  2. Thomas...Dude! Thanks a million for that great compliment. You are so right about Tom Hanks remembering his roots. I've always gotten that impression about him. What a true gentleman he is.



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