Monday, September 4, 2017

Our Podcast Chat about Carrie Fisher

She inscribed my hardcover copy of her first novel, POSTCARDS FROM THE EDGE, with this:  "To Bobby, My future ex-partner in domination."  The quick wit of STAR WARS star Carrie Fisher was dazzling.  I loved reading her first book and I loved having her on my VH1 talk show to promote it.  Carrie Fisher was fun on and off the camera.  We didn't want her to leave.
On two different days, I had her mother as a guest.  Hollywood legend Debbie Reynolds.  We didn't want her to leave either.  She too was fabulous.  Like mother, like daughter.  THE UNSINKABLE MOLLY BROWN and Princess Leia.
 On our podcast, I told Keith Price about my Carrie Fisher encounter.  I still feel that she, like her mother, was an underrated talent.  I tell Keith about friends of Debbie's who told me about Carrie's POSTCARDS FROM THE EDGE screenplay.  The movie, directed by Mike Nichols and co-starring Shirley MacLaine, brought Meryl Streep an Oscar nomination for Best Actress.
I tell Keith why it should have brought Carrie an Oscar nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay.  She was a gifted, creative and witty writer of novels, memoirs and screenplays.

Go here and listen to our podcast piece, a "Moment on Carrie Fisher":

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