Monday, January 23, 2017

Oscar Nominations Day

The countdown to Hollywood Prom Night starts Tuesday morning, January 24th.  That's when the Oscar nominations are announced.  Some entertainment reporters in print feel that LA LA LAND could match a record set by the classic ALL ABOUT EVE.  That Bette Davis classic earned a total of 14 Oscar nominations.  LA LA LAND has wonderful performances by Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling who, to me, elevated a sort of pleasantly average made-for-TV movie script.
Decades later, TITANIC tied for the same number of Oscar nominations as ALL ABOUT EVE.  A few film critics feel LA LA LAND could rack up the same number of nominations...or more.  If LA LA LAND gets 14 Oscar nominations, my jaw will drop down to the floor with a clunk like I'm a character in a 1940s Tex Avery cartoon.  But that's just me.  Not that a young white dude can't be the lead character in a movie that gives you a history of jazz in America.  However, hearing that young white musician educate a young white aspiring actress on the history of jazz and not mention black people is like giving us a movie about the history of aviation without mentioning the Wright Brothers.
There's a change in the Oscar nominations announcements this year.  They won't be in the Goldwyn Theater wherein you can hear publicists gasp and cheer when some names and movies are announced.  Also, not all senior three networks may be going live to the announcements.  I don't think CBS and NBC are doing the nominations live as in the past.  ABC's GOOD MORNING AMERICA will carry the Oscar nominations being announced at 8:18 am ET -- which is 7:18am Central and 5:18 Pacific Time.  ABC will carry the Oscars telecast to be hosted by ABC late night host, Jimmy Kimmel.

You will be able to get the Oscar nominations as they come out online, according to The Academy.  Go to or log onto

I pray, as I've written before in my posts, that Viola Davis gets an Oscar nomination for FENCES.  She has been nominated twice, for performances in DOUBT and THE HELP, and a third will put Viola in the Hollywood Oscar history books.  The same could be said of Taraji P. Henson and Octavia Spencer for HIDDEN FIGURES.  I absolutely loved that movie.  I hope it's nominated for BEST PICTURE along with MOONLIGHT.  And I wish HELL OR HIGH WATER would be in that category too.  Octavia Spencer won a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for THE HELP.  Taraji P. Henson was a Best Supporting Actress Oscar nominee for THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON.

If Octavia Spencer and Taraji P. Henson get well-deserved Oscar nominations for HIDDEN FIGURES, they too will make history for American actresses of color like Viola Davis will if she's nominated.  So far...Octavia, Taraji, other black women and Latina actresses such as Rita Moreno, Rosie Perez and Salma Hayek are in the 1 nomination category.  Let me explain again:

LA LA LAND getting 14 nominations like ALL ABOUT EVE?  Oy.  But that musical might put a song in Oscar's heart.  Let's watch GMA to see who'll be in the race for the Hollywood gold.

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