Monday, April 14, 2014

Counter Culture: NYC

It was a part time job that I loved.  I was surrounded by movies and a great crew.  The kind of work crew you'd see on classic sitcom like Cheers or The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

I was a video rental store clerk at a neighborhood place called Video Blitz in the Chelsea section of New York City.  We were on the corner of 17th and 8th Avenue, right under the Chelsea Gym.  This was in the early 1990s.  Chelsea was really Chelsea then.

This is actual dialogue between a regular customer and me.  It was the kind of dialogue that our customers expected, the kind that kept them coming back.

Him:  "Do you have Spartacus?"

Me:    "Yes, we do."

Him:   "Is Spartacus uncut?"

Me:     "Personally, I doubt it.  After all, he was a slave played by Kirk Douglas."

He took Spartacus.  And gave me a big smile.

I absolutely loved that job.  I miss those days in New York City.

Happy Pesach.  Have a sweet Passover.  Save your Catholic buddy here some brisket.

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