Friday, December 21, 2012

The Pope Makes Me Cross

I'm a Catholic.  I was proud to be an altar boy in my youth.  I love a midnight mass on Christmas morn with the ritual, the singing, the community feeling of goodwill.  But I get ticked off when the Vatican goes corporate and misses the essential message of "Do unto others."  Reportedly, in a recent Christmas speech that was to be a message of peace, The Pope used the occasion to denounce gay marriage again and refer to it as "a threat to world peace."  Happy Holidays!  President Obama is cool with gay marriage.
Oscar-winning actor/director/producer and social activist George Clooney is cool with gay marriage.
NFL stars Brendon Ayanbadego of the Baltimore Ravens....
...and Chris Kluwe of the Minnesota Vikings are cool with gay marriage.
But a male senior citizen who never married and goes out in public dressed like this...
...has a problem with gay marriage.  Pontiff, please.  As if you look like an ad for NASCAR weekend.  Irene Dunne never wore a hat that ornate in her entire film career.  Check your holy self in a full-length Vatican mirror.  Can you really launch into anti-gay dialogue when you dramatically sweep through double doors in these oufits?
Superheroes who can fly don't have that many different capes in their closets.  How can you give off the vibe of being uncomfortable with gay men when you go to work in those designer shoes?
I think someone said it best in a 1939 film classic:  "She's wearing the ruby slippers..."
 The Holy Father has blessed people in the Sistine Chapel.
Does he know that Michelangelo, the genius who painted the Sistine Chapel, was a gay man?  What if Michelangelo was not allowed to make his artistic contributions to that famous building simply because he was attracted to members of the same gender?  What if that passionate artist was excluded and replaced because of sexual orientation?  Instead of blessing people underneath the exquisite beauty of this...
...and this...
...and this...

...the Holy Father could be blessing the faithful underneath a totally heterosexual piece of work like this:
Think about that on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.  It's Christmastime -- the most perfect season for the Vatican to stay on the basic message of Christmas Day and what the birth of Baby Jesus, an infant born in a stable to a poor couple, represents:  "Peace on earth.  Good will to all."  Peace, good will, true love, a festive gift -- and a great holiday meal.  That's my wish for you.  Merry Christmas.

One more thing:  The cost of all those regal capes and fancy footwear on the Pontiff?  Imagine how much food that money could've purchased for poor people in a homeless shelter.  To me, ignoring the plague of poverty is a much much bigger threat to world peace than a loving same-sex union.


  1. Thank you so much for expressing exactly how I feel. Festive greetings indeed.

  2. Michael, may you have one absolutely fabulous Christmas. Thanks again for the pleasure of your online company.

  3. The Poker Playing Pooches would never pass Vatican muster. They're all male. La Papa would insist "Bring on the bitches".

  4. Lmao! Nice article. Had me in stitches. My recent articles while on point..weren't too funny. Lol. Merry Christmas Bobby!

    1. Wishing you a most Absolutely Fabulous New Year! Thanks for reading my article.

  5. Great post Bobby! I actually shared this on my blog and it's linking back here to give credit where credit is due! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  6. Happy New Year, Everett, and Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!



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