Monday, December 3, 2012

Abs Fab Matthew McConaughey

I read the news today and did the DTST (Danny Thomas Spit Take) with my coffee.

Matthew McConaughey was voted Best Supporting Actor by the New York Film Critics Circle.  And...not for just one...but for two movie performances in the same year.  Like the current melting of polar ice caps, I never thought I'd live to see the day.  McConaughey won Best Supporting Actor for his performance in Magic Mike... a Gypsy Rose Levi's kind o' guy.  He's a male stripper.  He also won for his performance as the loopy, hotshot, publicity-hound district attorney in Bernie, starring Jack Black as a well-loved community funeral director-turned-murderer.
McConaughey kept his shirt on in Bernie.  For my review of that Oscar nomination-worthy film, based on a real-life murder case, click onto my September section and read "Jack Black's Power as Bernie."  I hope McConaughey's victory with the New York critics sparks Academy Award voter interest in seeing that crime/love story.  It co-stars Shirley MacLaine as the rich, annoying victim.

I don't mean this harshly.  However...if Matthew McConaughey can be honored by New York film critics for acting in two movies that came out in the same year -- and he kept his clothes on in only one of those movies -- then surely I can get work in 2013.

And dates.  Anything's possible.  Congratulations, Mr. McConaughey.


  1. My honest opinion of McConaughey is that I always thought he could be a fine actor IF he really wanted to instead of indulging in roles that serve nothing else other than to show off his rock solid body and feed his ego. He showed glimpses of brilliance in John Sayles' searing 1996 masterpiece LONE STAR. I have yet to see either one of his two NYFCC award winning performances, but I will look for those films.

  2. I have never seen LONE STAR but will now make it a point to see it. Your recommendations are always excellent.


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