Tuesday, October 28, 2014

On Jane Fonda in KLUTE

In the 1960s, when she was a screen newcomer whose father was a revered Hollywood film star, Jane Fonda proved herself to be a pro at fluffy, sexy romantic comedies.  She was delightful in those kind of  roles whether she was the single girl working in New York City while looking for Mr. Right or the newlywed whose Mr. Right was Redford Redford in Barefoot in the Park.

Then gorgeous Jane Fonda dug into more challenging characters in screen dramas that put her in the running to become an Oscar-winning screen legend just like her dad, Henry Fonda.

Pretty Woman turned prostitution into a romantic comedy for a whole generation of young female moviegoers.  I like Julia Roberts but....yikes!  If I had an impressionable young daughter, I would not want her to see being a hooker as "cute."  If you know what I mean.

Jane Fonda won her first of two Best Actress Academy Awards for playing a hooker.  A tough New York City hooker.   Not a Disney-esque, perky prostitute like Pretty Woman.  Bree knew the mean streets of Manhattan.  She knew its kinky tricks.  Emotionally, she had a steel exterior.

Young actresses today should see and study this fascinating Jane Fonda screen performance.  Here's my short podcast review of Klute:

 That film has one of my favorite performances not only by Jane Fonda but by Donald Sutherland too.
Jane's second Oscar came for the Vietnam era war drama, Coming Home.  It addressed the plight of disabled veterans and it also won Oscars for Best Actor (Jon Voight) and Best Picture of 1978.  She played the wife of a psychologically fractured Marine (played by Bruce Dern).  She befriends a physically disabled veteran (played by Jon Voight).

This year, we saw Jane Fonda as the widowed loving and independent mother who gathers her adult kids together for their father's unusual funeral service in the comedy, This Is Where I Leave You.  Tina Fey and Jason Bateman co-starred as two of her children.

Ms. Fonda looked fabulous.  She made 76 look like the new 56.  This year, the 2-time Oscar winner and producer of box office hits also became a recipient of AFI Life Achievement Award.

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