Tuesday, April 23, 2013


This blog entry accompanies the previous one about Steve Coogan in Hamlet 2.  If you need some true wit mixed in with low-brow humor, I recommend renting that DVD for your weekend movie pleasure.  If you want to make it a double feature, I have another recommendation.  BUT -- if you are offended by attractive puppets engaged in torrid sexual intercourse -- if you're offended by puppets using 4-letter words -- if you're offended by puppets.........smoking, then leave this blog space now.
Due to the devastating events of last week in Boston, the nation's psyche has been dropkicked back to a post-September 11th state.  With that feeling in the air, on the air with cable TV's non-stop news and on social media like Twitter, TEAM AMERICA: WORLD POLICE is now worth a second look.  Watch this group of patriotic vigilante puppets do its best to bitch-slap the crap out of global terrorist threats.

Once again, we are hearing the phrase "weapons of mass destruction" in news reports.  This puppet posse can defeat any weapons of mass destruction you've got.  Bring it!

They can tackle any foreign terrorist threat you've got.  Bring it!

And they can do it with the help of a handsome young actor from a Broadway musical.

Just like in the John le Carré novel, The Little Drummer Girl, a performer is recruited by an intelligence agency.  In the novel, the performer was an English actress.  In this 2004 satire from the team that gave us South Park, terrorism is fought by a guy who was the leading man in a big socially-relevant Broadway musical, sort of like Rent.  Yes. This non-stop action thriller starts with a showtune.

Team America:  World Police was visually inspired by Thunderbirds.

I loved Thunderbirds.  Just like that show, Team America:  World Police has puppets who are more animated than alleged actor Steven Seagal.  Here's the trailer:

Wow. That's the kind of big screen action you usually see from Bruce Willis in another Die Hard sequel.  But unlike Bruce Willis as Officer John McClane, Broadway actor Gary Johnston has to fight foreign terrorists, deal with other celebrities, and fall in love.  Once again, if you are offended by puppet coitus, the explicit sight of puppets graphically making love in various erotic positions, do not rent this DVD.  They get very, very naked.

Otherwise, enjoy.  Team America puts the "F" back in "Freedom."


  1. Excellent review of one of the most underrated satires of all time.

  2. Dude! Thanks so much for taking time to read it and respond. You're a writer. You know how great it is to do something that gets attention. Especially positive attention.

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