Monday, February 23, 2015

Best Actor, Eddie Redmayne

Personally, I was hoping for Michael Keaton to win the Best Actor Academy Award.  His vivid, brave performance as Birdman thrilled me.  Just like Mary Tyler Moore, Sally Field, Tom Hanks, Robin Williams and Best Director Oscar winner Ron Howard, Michael Keaton is one of those actor who started in lead work on a network TV sitcom and then grew artistically to get an Oscar nomination for a work of drama.

The Best Actor Academy Award winner on Sunday night was Eddie Redmayne for The Theory of My Left Foot, Lou Gehrig's Disease and Physics.  I mean...THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING.
Like the truly amazing 3-time Best Actor Oscar winner, Daniel Day-Lewis, Eddie Redmayne won his Oscar for playing a severely disabled real-life person.  Redmayne played the brilliant physicist Stephen Hawking.  The movie focuses on Hawking falling in love while also falling victim to ALS.
The British couple will marry and endure his disability together.  But it's not easy.
Here's the thing:  I watched this heartwarming film and got really depressed.  Why?  Because that was Stephen Hawking's first romance.  His...FIRST.  The couple got a friendly divorce.  Later, he met someone new and got married again.  Here's the famed physicist in between The Theory of Everything stars Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones. She played the first Mrs. Hawking.
Here's Stephen Hawking with his second wife.
Stephen Hawking found romance......twice.

Do you know how many years I have had absolutely no luck on or any other online dating site?  I've been sitting up here a solo act for 20 years.  But Stephen Hawking got a second hook-up.  Meanwhile, in New York City and San Francisco, I couldn't get a booty call if I was in prison and had a fist full of $50 dollar bills plus a carton o' Camels.  Professor Stephen Hawking is a lucky man.
Look at him.  I know he's severely disabled.  But he's got romance in his life.  He's got someone who will kiss him good-night, someone who wants to make him smile on Christmas Day, someone to wheel him around on a lazy Sunday afternoon.  If you want to get ahold of me when I'm free and got no plans?  Just call me on my birthday or on New Year's Eve night.  I'm always free.  Seriously.  And I've had a career working on national television!  Stephen Hawking, more power to you.  You da man!

What I did love about seeing Eddie Redmayne win his Oscar on Sunday night was the visual proof that he is the Taylor Swift of Young Male Actors.

Here's Taylor Swift when she's heard her name read as the winner of music awards:

Here's Eddie Redmayne when he won the Screen Actors Guild Award:

When he heard his name read as Best Actor on Oscar night, he went into full Taylor Swift mode:

Good for him!  He slammed across an excellent performance.
There are two things I would like to have:  Stephen Hawking's luck in love the second time around -- and...where can I buy an Eddie Redmayne Hair Disheveler?  I want one.


  1. I'm glad someone out there likes Redmayne's performance, too. It seems as if a lot of people are upset that Keaton won over Redmayne. I could have gone either way, I thought their performances were equal. I also think people are unfairly using Daniel-Day Lewis' performance in MY LEFT FOOT to gauge Redmayne's performance. Redmayne did a wonderful job. He brilliantly showed us the external Hawking as well as the internal Hawking. By the way, Taylor Swift's reactions to winning do not look authentic. Eddie's was. Before Eddie took home the SAG, Keaton was winning everything. It was still a toss-up between the two going into Oscar night, and Eddie knew it, too.

    1. I'm sorry. I made a typing mistake. I meant that Redmayne won over Keaton on Oscar night.

  2. You are absolutely correct. I knew folks would compare it MY LEFT FOOT, but it has an entirely different heart to it. I loved someone disabled. What THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING did beautifully was show how the disability can exhaust the non-disabled partner. I knew and felt exactly what the loving wife was experiencing. As for Redmayne, his work was quite difficult physically and his performance was absolutely brilliant.


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