Friday, November 3, 2017


Yes, I've gotten older.  It's November 3rd.  This post may have a WILL & GRACE spoiler, so keep that in mind before you continue reading.  After last night's episode of WILL & GRACE aired, I happened to read a recap review from VULTURE, an online spin-off of NEW YORK MAGAZINE. Columnist Brian Moylan did the piece, "Will & Grace Recap: The Fun in Funeral."  The episode opens with Will and Grace in a hospital waiting room.  Someone they know, a recurring character from the original run of the sitcom, has been hospitalized.
Moylan wrote:  "But it is Jack who steals scenes the entire episode, from him scarfing down Rosario's Jell-O to trying to convince the priests and nuns...that they were living as man and wife."

Justin Kirkland of ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY didn't like the episode as much as Brian Moylan of VULTURE did.  He wrote:  "At the hospital, Jack is a mess.  He's running up and down the halls DEMANDING Rosario's Jell-O...for himself."

Kate Stanhope of THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER didn't mention Jack's frenzied hospital waiting room entrance scene at all in her recap.
So, why did I mention up top that I've gotten older?  As soon as Jack ran in and did his first line in the episode, delivered to the nurse at the waiting room desk, I laughed.  I knew exactly what he was doing with his Jell-O demand.  The writers had Jack do a riff on a famous hospital scene in a classic film.

Shirley MacLaine gave her Best Actress Oscar-winning performance in the Oscar winner for Best Picture of 1983.  Here is her famous scene in the classic movie about a mother/daughter relationship, TERMS OF ENDEARMENT:

TERMS OF ENDEARMENT brought James L. Brooks Oscars for Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Director and for producing the Best Picture of 1983.  He is the man who gave us THE MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW on TV and the other Best Picture Oscar nominees, BROADCAST NEWS (1987) and AS GOOD AS IT GETS (1997).

And there you have it.

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