Monday, November 6, 2017

A Quick STAR WARS Question

I have been a STAR WARS fan for decades.  I know.  That's a long time.  But, it's true.  I was in my first professional broadcast job -- news reporter for an FM rock radio station in Milwaukee -- when I got two passes to a preview of STAR WARS.  I saw it before it opened nationally to make box office and pop culture history.  Man, what a great movie-going experience that was!  And I am still grateful to my fabulous lesbian friend, Janet, for going with me because no guy wanted to be my date.  Something all the guys who turned me down later regretted when the movie was a hit.  But that's another story.  STARS WARS rocked.
Today, I was watching GOOD MORNING AMERICA and there was a commercial for Disney Resort Hotels.  In the spot, we a beautifully-gowned Cinderella descends a grand hotel staircase.  Then we see a family enter the lobby and we follow the family to the lobby elevators.  Elevator doors open and Stormtroopers file out.  The camera cuts to the gleeful look of excitement on the little boy's face.
My question is this: When the Stormtroopers file out, shouldn't the family have the same reaction that the French people had on their faces in the classic film CASABLANCA when the Nazis marched into Paris?  The Stormtroopers are under the command of Darth Vader, the villain!
Maybe I'm being too sensitive, too particular, about this because I'm such a longtime STAR WARS fan.  But, to me, the Stormtroopers are Space Nazis.
If you were eating in a hotel restaurant and when your meal arrived, the waiter said, "Your dinner was prepared by our chef, Darth Vader," would you eat it?  Would you send it back if the baked potato was cold in the middle?  Suppose you were having the seafood casserole and Chef Vader stopped by your table as you enjoyed it and you said, "Chef Vader, your seafood casserole is delicious.  What's in it?"  If he said, "The Little Mermaid," would you really be shocked?  He's Darth Vader!


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