Thursday, April 12, 2018


I'm watching THE VIEW, it's Thursday, and I just saw a promo for tomorrow's big announcement.  The announcement will be -- the list of contestants for this year's upcoming season of DANCING WITH THE STARS.  To me, it feels like that show featuring stars we've never heard of has been on for decades.  This season will have a special hook.  All the contestants will be athletes.  I've heard that Tonya Harding will be in the line-up for DANCING WITH THE STARS 2018.
Other than Tonya, I bet that the rest of the contestants will be a few athletes who can represent what have become the producers' favorite -- or make that, usual -- categories in DWTS contestants:
Someone openly gay or transgender, a hunky black athlete from the NFL, a black woman with a big personality, an AARP senior, someone disabled and someone with a Disney film or TV connection.
As May is a very important month in TV ratings, it would be a ratings knockout if DANCING WITH THE STARS had Tonya Harding up against a returning Nancy Kerrigan. But that won't happen, I'm sure.  But wouldn't we tune in to see that visual guilty pleasure?
GOOD MORNING AMERICA will have folks in place for the announcement tomorrow morning, Friday the 13th.  Let's see how many of those categories are filled by athletes who want to grab life by the mirrored disco balls.

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