Wednesday, December 14, 2016

I'm Seeking Work

I need some help and this post will be my pitch for job consideration.  I was an on-air team member for Whoopi Goldberg's national weekday morning radio show from 2006 to 2008. Most of our group got laid off when the show was cancelled.  I got a TV job in 2010.  I got laid off from that one a few months later.  I've been seeking steady employment ever since.  You might say, "Can't your agent help you?"  Well, I do not have a broadcast agent.  I met with several in New York City, but they all turned me down.   I had to get my own auditions.  In my career, I've been extremely blessed in getting work opportunities because someone mentioned my name or got in touch and gave me a chance.  My wish is to get steady employment so I can pay my debts, help take care of my mother and help out a couple of other very dear family members.
I'm a veteran network TV host, entertainment reporter, film reviewer and celebrity interviewer.  I'm a former national talk show host.

I'm a writer, a segment producer and I'm a veteran of entertaining man-on-the street segments.  I've done speaking roles in national TV commercials and comic acting as a recurring satirical news character for THE ONION.  Film is my passion. I was the first black person to have his own prime time celebrity talk show on VH1.  I'm one of the few black people who's been a weekly entertainment editor/film critic on a network news TV show.  No brag.  Just fact.                                   
Take a look at my work.  Keep me in mind.  Mention my name.  Tell a good agent about me.  First up is a clip from when I was entertainment editor for a live weekday ABC News magazine show called LIFETIME LIVE.  Yes, I got that job on my own too.

Actor Michael Shannon played the protective father of a sweet child being hunted because of his supernatural gift.  I talked to Shannon about this year's sci-fi thriller, MIDNIGHT SPECIAL, and his career.

And if you want proof that I had my own talk show on VH1, here you are.

You can contact me via Twitter:  @BobbyRiversTV.  Or go to my Facebook page:

IF there was big surprise and I booked a network TV gig that paid very well, I want to make a sizeable donation to New York City's chapter of the Actors Fund so I can help others the way I've been helped:


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