Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Kim and The Pope. Oh, Lord!

First of all, every time I see "KY clerk Kim Davis," it takes me a second to remember that KY stands for Kentucky -- and that she's not selling a lubricant.  Kim Davis is currently famous as the Kentucky clerk who broke the law and did not do her job when she refused to grant marriage licenses to same-sex couples.
She refused to follow orders from the Supreme Court based on her personal religious views in the public workplace.
In regards to her image, it didn't help matters any that Fashion Police could've arrested her for impersonating Kathy Bates in Stephen King's Misery.

This week came the jaw-dropping news that she had secret meeting with the pope in Washington, DC during his recent trip to America.

Here's something I noticed.  Paula Faris of ABC was the first TV reporter to score an exclusive interview with Kim Davis.  It aired on ABC's World News Tonight and repeated on Good Morning America.                                                                                                                                              
Then, Good Morning America had an exclusive interview with Davis in which she revealed that she had a secret meeting with Pope Francis when he was in the U.S. last week.  Davis' current husband accompanied her on the trip.  He's the one in the overalls.
I wondered why the Holy Father needed to meet with her and why he didn't meet with her in public so that the press could see.  Did the pope posse feel that being seen with her in public would disrupt the good vibes of his U.S. visit during the visit?  Heck, Pope Francis was onstage in Philadelphia with Mark Wahlberg -- "Dirk Diggler" from Boogie Nights, a movie that I still feel should've had Happy Meal action figures as a marketing tie-in during its theatrical release.

Also, who got Kim Davis and her husband from Kentucky to Washington, DC for that quick, clandestine meeting?  Did they get a great last-minute deal on Delta and book themselves?  Or did someone or some company take care of their travel arrangements?  And why did we get news of the Kim Davis meeting with the Holy Father after The Pope left America and had returned to Vatican City?  We didn't know about it when he addressed the U.N., when he visited Harlem or when he took to the stage in Philadelphia to enjoy some family entertainment.  I'd have loved to meet Pope Francis.  I was baptized a Roman Catholic soon after my birth.  I've not read or heard that Kim Davis is Catholic.  But, somehow, she got to the pope.  Reportedly in private.  In Washington, DC.

Did Pope Francis know about the Kim Davis controversy before he flew here to America?  Was it a big news story in Italy like it was here in the U.S.?  How much was he told about her and who told it to him before he and she met?  And how did ABC News land two exclusive interviews with the conservative Christian Davis?

A member of the controversial Duck Dynasty family of cable reality show fame was a contestant on ABC's Dancing With The Stars.  The head of the Duck Dynasty family made some loathsome anti-gay remarks that made national press, such as Huffington Post.  He got suspended from his hit A&E cable TV series.  A&E is owned by ABC/Disney.  The Duck Dynasty DWTS contestant briefly addressed that controversy before her fox trot.

Joel Osteen is a highly popular TV pastor, very telegenic, who's been a frequent guest on Good Morning America.  His show airs weekends on the ABC Family channel.  I've never heard the friendly Pastor Osteen make an anti-gay remark.  But, like Kim Davis and the Duck Dynasty daddy, he doesn't agree with same-sex marriage.  He believes in Christian compassion for gay people but he keeps pretty mum on the Supreme Court ruling.

So, with all that ABC thread, do you think Kim Davis has been asked to consider a fashion makeover and a twirl on Dancing With The Stars a year from now?  Keep in mind these are just my observations as an average TV viewer.  I am not a journalist.  But I do wonder if a journalist has noticed the same things.  Kentucky clerk Kim Davis on Dancing With The Stars doing a tango to "Jesus Is Just Alright" by The Doobie Brothers.  Think about it.

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