Sunday, December 7, 2014


Elliott Gould is a veteran of Broadway musicals who went on to do film work as the tough private eye Philip Marlowe.  The actor did that for director Robert Altman.  On December 5th, this month, The New York Times had an article proclaiming "Altman's Noir Suddenly Gets Plenty of Light:  Robert Altman's 'The Long Goodbye' Is Popular Again."

Today's 30Something and younger moviegoers probably know Elliott Gould from his roles in popular George Clooney movies.
But there was a time when Gould got the star treatment just like George does.  Going into the 1970s,  Elliott Gould was an A-list, major movie star.
He gave a stand-out performance in the 1969 box office hit, Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice directed by Paul Mazursky.
Previously for Robert Altman, he starred in the 1970 box office hit, M*A*S*H.
Just like his ex-wife, he graduated from singing in Broadway musicals to doing Oscar-nominated work on the big screen.
Here's my short podcast piece from 2011 on Altman's The Long Goodbye starring Elliott Gould:

I'm glad this Altman film got some attention from The New York Times.


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  2. The structure of the Long Goodbye is perfect, ...just like the Big Lebowski it takes multiple viewings to really appreciate the genius of it.

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