Wednesday, August 6, 2014

You Da Man, Peter Pan

It's the animated Disney classic that taught us how to fly.  The power to lift off comes with "faith, trust and pixie dust."

I loved it when I was little boy.  I loved it again this week.  Thanks to pre-teen nephew loaning me his DVD copy,  I watched the Disney classic from 1953, Peter Pan.  I never fail to be awed and dazzled by the animation from Disney's original team of animators.

That was a genius team.  Just look at the rich, imaginative, colorful work.

When I got older, I never failed to be surprised at the sly mature images the animators could sneak in to heighten their language of film --  to make a point with a visual image.  The images could be almost subliminal.

Like this one:  Peter Pan mocks, deflects and depresses the raging and violent...masculinity, if you will, of handicapped Captain Hook.

After all these years, I'd never noticed that image until just this week.  Brilliant.

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