Sunday, April 22, 2012

and Bob's your uncle

There I was, attempting to have a conversation about a current movie with my groovy two nephews, ages 9 and 11.  I was talking about The Hunger Games.  Woody Harrelson and Jennifer Lawrence star in the futuristic action thriller.  
Of course, I thought I was making a lot of sense.  While I was trying to make a specific point about those two actors, I noticed the boys were giving me...that look.

Me:       "What's the matter?"
Them:   "Uncle Bobby, their names in the movie are Haymitch and Katniss."
Me:       "Yeah?  And?"
Them:   "You said Herman and Katnip.  Not Haymitch and Katniss."
Me:       "Oh."

I'm older now.  I get confused.  So glad I've got cool nephews to help me out.

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