Sunday, March 4, 2012

and Bob's your uncle

My two young nephews pooled their allowances and purchased yet another Nerf Blaster yesterday.
They zoomed up to me shouting, "Uncle Bobby, you gotta see this!"  They were so proud that they bought this new toy with money they earned from their Mom for doing household chores.  They were just as excited to tell me that they got it on sale.  Half price.  I was so proud for that.  They called me into the family room to watch them assemble the new Nerf Blaster.  As 11 year old Eli, the oldest of the two, opened the box, he was smiling like it was early Christmas gift.  Except he'd paid for it himself.  Both boys gave it a "Wow!" when the box was opened.  Eli started to assemble it.

Him:  "I was really worried I'd have buyer's remorse."

Me:    "What?"

Him:  "Buyer's remorse.  When you buy something and then you feel like you want to return it and get your money back.  Did you ever have that, Uncle Bobby?"

Me:     "Yeah.  Every time I've rented a comedy starring Matthew McConaughey.  Cool Nerf gun.  Is that a canary yellow?"

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