Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Family Time

Like millions of other Americans in this Recession Age, I'm living with relatives for a spell while I'm "in between jobs."  That's the unexpected bright spot in this brutal economy we've all been trying to survive.  My brother is a wonderful family man, the head of a wonderful family.  I love being Uncle Bobby to two constantly surprising, very energetic and very curious nephews.  There's 11-year old Eli and 8-year old Theo.  Recently, we were having family time and watching television.  The boys and I were watching a sitcom rerun.  It's a sitcom that's usually pretty tame.  But in this particular episode...well, here's how it went:

Sitcom Woman:  "She cheated on him!  I called her a cheap tramp."  (Audience gasp)

Eli:  "Uncle Bobby, what's a tramp?"

Me:  (Awkwardly silent)

Theo:  "Like a hobo."

Uncle Bobby:  (Relieved)  "Exactly.  That's exactly right.  She was like a hobo."

Theo:  "Oh.  Okay."

Uncle Bobby:  "Whew."

After years of living in downtown New York City, I'm still adjusting to this temporary life in the Northern California suburbs.  And that's it for this episode of And Bob's Your Uncle.  Thanks for checking in.

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